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Vue le vue

A while ago, Wikimedia sites, including Wikidata, started to use the Vue.js framework to ease the future development of user interface components. Vue is, to some degree, also available for user scripts.

I have a few user scripts on Wikidata, and some of them have a seriously outdated interface. There was a modal (page-blocking) dialog box for authority control, a floating dialog box for “useful” shortcuts, and a box at the top of the page for the relatively recent Mix’n’Match gadget. The appearance of all of these was different, and they took increasing amounts of screen real estate. They also can add statements to the item, but the confirmation for that were small notes thrown into the HTML, rather than actual statement boxes.

So I decided to re-style (and partially rewrite) them, but also to centralize shared functionality, to avoid duplication in these and other scripts. So I created a JavaScript component that can create a nice, central “tabbed box” at the top of the page, to make it easy to change between tools while not wasting screen space. Each tool gets its own tab and output space. Additionally, this new component can create new statements in the current item, and put new statement entries into the interface. Now, Wikidata does not expose (or at least, properly document) the methods to do this, so I have to write my own, which look similar to the original but sadly have none of the functionality. I hope Wikidata will expose the visual code to do that in the future, so everything could work nicely without me having to (badly) duplicate code.

I have updated the existing scripts to the new interface now; all users of these scripts should see the new interface, though you might have to force-reload the browser once.

The updated script are:

If you want other scripts of mine to be updated like this, or you want to update/develop your own, please let me know!