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Join the Quest

I recently came across an interesting, semi-automated approach to create statements in Wikidata. A SPARQL query would directly generate commands for QuickStatements. These would then be manually checked before running them. The queries exist as links on Wikidata user pages, and have to be run by clicking on them.

That seemed useful but tedious. I decided to make it less tedious.

Enter the Quickstatements User Evaluation of Statements and Terms, or QUEST for short. Using this tool (logged in), you will be presented with a random set of QuickStatement commands, visually enhanced, to let you take a decision on running the command, or flagging it as “bad”. If you decide to run it, the command will edit under your user account.

The list of commands is fuelled by SPARQL queries. You can add your own; a help text is available. Every query has an interval (hours, days) and it will be periodically run in the background, to add new commands if possible. New or edited queries should be run within a few seconds. You can see all queries, those by a specific user, and commands from a specific query.

I hope this will help the Wikidata community with repeating tasks, and queries to “keep an eye on”.