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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sex and artists

Now that I got your attention … Prompted by a post from Jane Darnell, I thought to quickly run some gender-related stats on artists in Wikidata. Specifically, the number of articles on Wikipedias for artists with a specific property, by gender. First, RKDartists (at the moment of writing, 21,859 male and 2,801 female artists on […]

Pictures, reloaded

About four month ago, I blogged about Wikipedia pages vs. Wikidata items using images. In that post, I predicted that Wikidata would pass German Wikipedia in about four months’ time, so about the end of this month. Using the same metrics, it turns out that it’s a close run: Site 2014-11 2015-03 Difference Per day […]

Linkin mash

So I recently blogged about automatic descriptions based on Wikidata. And as nice as these APIs are, what could they be used for? You got it – demo time! Linkin Park band member Dave Farrell has no article on English Wikipedia (only a redirect to Linkin Park, which is unhelpful). He does, however, have a […]