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Monthly Archives: June 2015


While I do occasionally write Wikimedia tools “to order”, I wrote quite a few of them because I required (or just enjoyed) the functionality myself. One thing I like to do is adding images to Wikidata, using WD-FIST. Recently, I started to focus on a specific list, people with awards (of any kind). People with […]

Wikidata has passed German Wikipedia in terms of articles/items with an image of the subject, and is now only second to English Wikipedia in that regard. As if in celebration, I added several new features to my Wikidata FIST tool, which makes adding images to Wikidata as easy as a single click (or two, if […]

Musing on lists

As some of you may know, I write the occasional tool to help support Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons, and other projects in the WikiVerse. Most of my tools work on the same basic principle: Get some data to start with, think about it, and present a result. The input data is often a list of pages […]

The Game of Source

Wikidata has beautiful mechanisms to associate individual claims with sources for that claim. However, finding and adding such sources is surprisingly complex, and, between multiple open tabs and the somewhat sluggish interface, can strain the patience of the most well-meaning editor. I had previously attempted to simplify adding sources to Wikidata statements; and while I […]