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A quick comparison

Visually comparing artworks (example)

Over the years, Mix’n’match has helped to connect many (millions?) of third-party entries to Wikidata. Some entries can be identified and matched in a fully automated fashion (eg people with birth and death dates), but the majority of entries require human oversight. For some entries that works nicely, but others are hard to disambiguate from text alone. Maps (example) for entries with coordinates can help, but pictures also speak a proverbial thousand words.

To aid the matching of entries, I wrote a new functionality called quick compare that shows a random, automatically matched entry from a catalog, as well as the matched Wikidata item. For both, it shows the usual basinc information, but also (where available) an image, and a location on a map.

The external image will have to be extracted from the catalog first, which requires a manual “image pattern” to be created. This is reasonably easy to do in most cases; please let me know if you want this for any specific catalog.

Comparing castles by image and location (example)

The image itself is never copied, but inserted as an <img src="" /> element, hot-loading it from the external source. This is only ever done in the “quick compare” page. While hotloading from external pages is sometimes frowned upon, the low volume and specific context in which this is done here should qualify as fair use (images are displayed no larger than 300×250px). In the end, it saves the user the click on the containing web page, and it saves the site the loading of all associated HTML/JS/etc. files.

I hope this will ease the matching of certain types of entries, including (but not limited to) artworks and buildings.

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