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Lists. The plague of managing things. But also surprisingly useful for many tasks, including Wikimedia-related issues. Mix’n’match is a list of third-party entries. PetScan generates lists from Wikipedia and Wikidata. And Listeria generates lists on-wiki.

But there is a need for generic, Wikimedia-related, user-curated lists. In the past, I have tried to quell that demand with PagePile, but the community wants more. So here you go: I present GULP, the Generic Unified List Processor. At the moment, this is a work in progress, but is already usable, though lacking many nice-to-have features.

How is this different from PagePile? Let’s see:

  • A list can have multiple columns (so, a table, technically)
  • Each column has a defined type (Wiki page, Location, Plain text)
  • Lists can be updated (file upload, load from URL)
  • Lists can be edited by the list owner (and by others, to be implemented)
  • Lists can have snapshots; a snapshot is like a version number, but it does not create a copy of the list; rather, further changes to the list are logged as such, and the snapshot remains untouched
  • Lists can be downloaded in various formats, and accessed via API

You can already create your own lists, update and modify them, and they are available for public download. Have a look at some demo lists:

Next steps for GULP include:

  • Adding/removing rows
  • More data sources and output formats
  • More column types
  • All API actions (including editing etc) will be available via a token system, so you can write scripts to edit your lists

For bug reports and feature requests, feel free to use the issue tracker. Also, if you want to integrate GULP into your tools , please let me know!