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Distributed stats

Just about a week after its inception, the Distributed Game has passed 10K (now 12K, since I started writing this text) actions. Enough to see some interesting patterns in the stats. By actions (an action is any decision made), the most popular sub-games are mix’n’match (42%) and matching new articles to existing items (36%), followed […]

Wikidata lists – Full Circle

So my Wikidata list-generating bot Listeria has become popular in certain circles, creating and updating lists of artworks, species, or ORCID ID holders. With the introduction of the Wikidata SPARQL service, Wikidata queries are becoming more mainstream, and lists are a logical next step. At the same time, many Wikipedians lack an awareness of Wikidata, […]

A quick description

So there is a lively discussion about using descriptions from Wikidata in places like Wikipedia search results, especially on mobile. While everyone seems to agree that this is a good idea, camps are forming with supporters of manual and automatically generated descriptions, respectively. Time for an entirely manual description of my POV. At the time […]

Wikidata has passed German Wikipedia in terms of articles/items with an image of the subject, and is now only second to English Wikipedia in that regard. As if in celebration, I added several new features to my Wikidata FIST tool, which makes adding images to Wikidata as easy as a single click (or two, if […]


One of the early promises of Wikidata was the improvement of lists on Wikipedia. These would be automatically generated and displayed, solving a number of problems: Solve inconsistent lists on the same topic across Wikipedias Keep all lists up-to-date Track all possible members of the list via items, instead of per-Wikipedia red links A single […]

The games must go on

When I first announced the Wikidata Game almost a year ago, it certainly profited from its novelty value. Since then, it has seen a few new sub-games, and quite a number of code patches from others (which doesn’t happen often for my other tools!). But how does the game fare medium-/long-term? With >200K “actions” (distinct […]

Wikidata by country

Since November 2014, I have been collecting statistics on Wikidata by country, initially for Australia, France, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The raw, live numbers have always been online here, but staring at raw data has been known to result in aggravated academics. Therefore, I generated a few plot from said data, and accumulated […]

Pictures, reloaded

About four month ago, I blogged about Wikipedia pages vs. Wikidata items using images. In that post, I predicted that Wikidata would pass German Wikipedia in about four months’ time, so about the end of this month. Using the same metrics, it turns out that it’s a close run: Site 2014-11 2015-03 Difference Per day […]

The OAuth haters’ FAQ

Shortly after the dawn of the toolserver, the necessity for authentication in some tools became apparent. We couldn’t just let anyone use tools to upload files to Commons, doing so anonymously, hiding behind the tools’ user account; that would be like allowing anyone to edit Wikipedia anonymously. Crazy talk! But toolserver policies forbade tools asking […]

Qualified answers

WikiData Query (WDQ), one of my pet projects I have blogged about before, has gained a new functionality: search by qualifier. That is, a query for items with specific statements can now be fine-tuned by querying the qualifiers as well. Too abstract? Let’s see: Who won the Royal Medal in 1853? Turns out it was […]