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Bad credentials

So there has been an issue with QuickStatements on Friday.

As users of that tool will know, you can run QuickStatements either from within your browser, or “in the background” from a Labs server. Originally, these “batch edits” were performed as QuickStatementsBot, mentioning batch and the user who submitted it in the edit summary. Later, through a pull request, QuickStatements gained the ability to run batch edits as the user who submitted the batch. This is done by storing the OAuth information of the user, and playing it back to the Wikidata API for the edits. So far so good.

However, as with many of my databases on Labs, I made the QuickStatements database open for “public reading”, that is, any Labs tool account could see its contents. Including the OAuth login credentials. Thus, since the introduction of the “batch edit as user” feature, up until last Friday, anyone with a login on Labs could, theoretically, perform edits and anyone who did submit a QuickStatements batch, by copying the OAuth credentials.

We (WMF staff and volunteers, including myself) are not aware that any such user account spoofing has taken place (security issue). If you suspect that this has happened, please contact WMF staff or myself.

Once the issue was reported, the following actions were taken

  • deactivation of the OAuth credentials of QuickStatements, so no more edits via spoofed user OAuth information could take place
  • removal of the “publicly” (Labs-internally) visible OAuth information from the database
  • deactivation of the QuickStatement bots and web interface

Once spoofed edits were no longer possible, I went ahead and moved the OAuth storage to a new database that only the QuickStatements “tool user” (the instance of the tool that is running, and myself) can see. I then got a new OAuth consumer for QuickStatements, and restarted the tool. You can now use QuickStatements as before. Your OAuth information will be secure now. Because of the new OAuth consumer for QuickStatements, you will have to log in again once.

This also means that all the OAuth information that was stored prior to Friday is no longer usable, and was deleted. This means that the batches you submitted until Friday will now fall back on the aforementioned QuickStatementsBot, and no longer edit as your user account. If it is very important to you that your edits appear under your user account, please let me know. All new batches will run edit your user accounts, as before.

My apologies for this incident. Luckily, there appears to be no actual damage done.

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