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The blind referee

A quick blog post, before the WordPress editor dies on my again… Wikidata is great. Wikidata with references is even better. So I have written a little tool called Referee. It checks a Wikidata item, collects web pages that are linked via external ID statements, and via associated Wikipedia pages, and checks them for potential matches of statements (birth dates, locations, etc.). If you add a little invocation to your common.js page on Wikidata:
importScript( 'User:Magnus_Manske/referee.js' );
it will automatically check on every Wikidata item load if there are potential references for that item in the cache, and display them with the appropriate statement, with one-click add/reject links. If you put this line:
referee_mode = 'manual' ;
before the importScript invocation, it will not check automatically, but wait for you to click the “Referee” link in the toolbox sidebar. However, in manual, it will force a check (might take a few seconds) in case there are no reference candidates; the toolbar link will remain highlighted while the check is running. I made a brief video demonstrating the interface. Enjoy. Addendum: Forgot to mention that the tool does not work on certain instances (P31) of items, namely “taxon” and “scholarly article”. This is to keep the load on the scraper low, plus these types are special cases and would likely profit more from dedicated scraper systems.