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Wikipedia, Wikidata, and citations

As part of an exploratory census of citations on Wikipedia, I have generated a complete (yeah, right) list of all scientific publications cited on Wikispecies, English and German Wikipedia. This is done based on the rendered HTML of the respective articles, and tries to find DOIs, PubMed, and PubMed Central IDs. The list is kept up to date (with only a few minutes lag). I also continuously match the publications I find to Wikidata, and create the missing items, most cited ones first.

A bit about the dataset (“citation” here means that an article mentions/links to a publication ID) at this point in time:

  • 476,560 distinct publications
  • 1,968,852 articles tracked across three Wikimedia projects (some citing publications)
  • 717,071 total citations (~1.5 citations per publication), of which
    • 261,486 have a Wikidata item
    • 214,425 have no Wikidata match
    • 649 cannot be found or created as a Wikidata item (parsing error, or DOI does not exist)
  • The most cited publication is Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences (used 3,403 times)
  • Publications with a Wikidata item are cited 472,793 times, those without 244,191 times
  • 266 publications are cited from all three Wikimedia sites (263 have a Wikidata item)

There is no interface for this project yet. If you have a Toolforge (formerly known as Labs) account, you can look at the database as s52680__science_source_p.