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Distributed stats

Just about a week after its inception, the Distributed Game has passed 10K (now 12K, since I started writing this text) actions. Enough to see some interesting patterns in the stats.

By actions (an action is any decision made), the most popular sub-games are mix’n’match (42%) and matching new articles to existing items (36%), followed by the classic “merge items” (10%) from the original Game. “Merge items” has the lowest rate of actions that lead to Wikidata edits (18%), probably because it has been running for a while on the original Game, and many of the obvious cases have been done.

Mix’n’match, “administrative unit”, and “items without image” all have over 80% actions that also edit Wikidata. The last one is easy to understand; the candidate images are taken from associated Wikipedia articles, and have been filtered against “common” images (that is, images that are used on many pages, like navbox icons), so the success rate is high.

“Administrative unit” is new, and the coordinate-based suggestions appear to be of high quality. Mix’n’match has been around in the shape of the original tool for quite a while, but has always lacked enough people to get all the “easy ones”; since many of the entries here are people, ambiguity seems to be low.

The “source meta” game has a Wikidata “edit rate” of over 60%, which might drop as soon as the easy cases are done. Of course, many more entries will follow soon, so this should keep players entertained for a while.