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Wikidata lists – Full Circle

So my Wikidata list-generating bot Listeria has become popular in certain circles, creating and updating lists of artworks, species, or ORCID ID holders. With the introduction of the Wikidata SPARQL service, Wikidata queries are becoming more mainstream, and lists are a logical next step.

At the same time, many Wikipedians lack an awareness of Wikidata, and hesitate to go there and edit. Micro-contributions are a way for people to improve Wikidata without much fuzz, but are “hidden” in external tools.

So I added a little bit of code to Listeria. The output now contains a few minor extras, like class names for table cells. These are then used by JavaScript code to allow adding and editing of information in Listeria table cells, right on Wikipedia. Label, description (where unavoidable), item links, dates, coordinates, strings, and images are supported. Simply add

Dialog to add an item link

Dialog to add an item link

to your common.js page on Wikipedia, hover over a Listeria-generated table cell, and you will see add/edit options. Clicking on those will open a dialog to find/enter a value, validated through Wikidata itself. Clicking OK adds this information to Wikidata. Done! (Because of the table being static wikitext, your addition will only show after the next Listeria update, but it is already on Wikidata proper.)

The JavaScript code is adaptable, meaning it could be used to let people edit Wikidata-based infoboxes etc. Of course, it would be much more effective to have this enables for all Wikipedia users, and with more Listeria lists around. But for now, I am content with this being a demo, which may inspire “official” functionality be the WMF, in a few years’ time.