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Picture this!

Recently, someone told me that “there are no images on Wikidata”. I found that rather hard to believe, as I had added quite a few using my own tools. So I had a quick look at the numbers.

For Wikidata, counting the number of items with images is straightforward. For Wikipedia, not so much; by default, navigation bar logos and various icons are counted just as actual photographs of the article topic. So, I devised a crude filter, counting only articles with images (one would do) that were not used in three or more articles in total.

I ran this query on some of the larger Wikipedias. While most of them ran fine, English Wikipedia failed to return a timely result; and since its generous sprinkling with “fair use” local images would inflate the number anyway, I am omitting this result here. Otherwise:

Site Articles/Items with images
dewiki 709,736
wikidata 604,925
frwiki 602,664
ruwiki 491,916
itwiki 451,499
eswiki 414,308
jawiki 278,359

As you can see, Wikidata already outperforms all but one (with en.wp: two) Wikipedias. Since image addition to Wikidata is easy through tools (and games), and there are many “pre-filtered” candidates from Wikipedias to use, I expect Wikidata to surpass German Wikipedia soon (assuming linear increase, in less than four months), and eventually English Wikipedia as well, at least for images from Commons (not under “fair use”).

But even at this moment, I am certain there are thousands of Wikidata items with an image, while the corresponding article on German (or Spanish or Russian) Wikipedia remains a test desert. Hesitation of the Wikipedia communities to use these readily available images deprive their respective readers of something that helps to make article come alive, and all the empty talk of “quality” and “independence” does not serve as compensation.

Also, the above numbers count all types of files on Wikipedia, whereas they count only images of the item subject on Wikidata. Not only does that bias the numbers in favour of Wikipedia, it also hides the various “special” file types that Wikidata offers: videos, audio recordings, pronunciations, maps, logos, coat of arms, to name just a few. It is likely that their use on Wikipedia is even more scattered than that of subject images. Great opportunities to improve Wikipedias of all languages, for those bold enough to nudge the system.