This is a landing page for infomation about Magnus Manske. Best of luck.

About myself

You expect some honest, well-balanced information about myself? On my own page? Seriously? Better check out Wikipedia instead.


I am a biochemist, currently working in bioinformatics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, UK. I write fast code, web code, and the occasional scientific publication.

Science, off-the-clock

As my PhD thesis, I wrote a software called GENtle. Sadly, despite wide usage (including NASA!), and open-source, I found myself unable to maintain the code, time-wise. There is an independently maintained Debian package, though, which I believe lives on.
However, thanks to support from the good folks at Synbiota, I could re-start GENtle as a pure web application. The code is on GitHub, so come aplenty and join in the synthetic biology revolution!

Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc.

I was involved with Wikipedia, as both article and software author, since before there was Wikipedia. They even named a day after me (I tell you now, to get it over with). I am still involved via several tools, amongst other venues. I even have a blog about my tools. Talk to me about it on en.wp, de.wp, Wikidata, or Commons.

Rest of the web

I am on ORCID, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Flickr, Twitter. And probably some more, which I forgot. No Farcebook, though. I hate Farcebook.


If you cannot figure out how to contact me from all the links on this page, chances are you have nothing to say that would interest me. Darwinian spam filter!